The Online Program

Job Search DIY Program

Job Search DIY Program

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3 hours of video instruction

  • Mod 1: Get Clarity - We take you through our proprietary career mapping process to define your dream career and identify the skills and experiences to highlight across your brand.
  • Mod 2: Resume & Cover Letter Writing - We instruct you on writing your own accomplishment-filled, competitive resume that beats Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), as well as your cover letter.
  • Mod 3: Job Hunt Smart, Not Hard - You learn how to execute an effective job search strategy plan - job searching smart and not hard for better job results. 
  • Mod 4: Networking Like a Pro - We show you how to find, build and leverage your professional network.
  • Mod 5: Leveraging LinkedIn - You'll build a keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile and learn the ins and outs of using LinkedIn the right way in your job search.
  • Mod 6: Mastering the Interview - We walk you through the process of nailing the interview process, step-by-step, including building your elevator pitch and tackling behavorial questions. 


Tools & Resources

  • Comprehensive, 98-page lesson book
  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Job Tracking Sheet
  • Networking, Follow Up, and Other Scripts
  • Editable Thank You Letter
  • 20 Interviewee Questions To Ask At Interviews
  • Elevator Pitch Building worksheet
  • Job Interview Cheat Code (full guide)
  • A Guide to Mastering Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Crafting Your Career Story guide 
  • Fillable Job Search Planner
  • LinkedIn Solutions for Job Seekers e-book
  • 13 Things Every Job Seeker Should Know e-book
  • 30/60/90 Day Plan Template
  • And so much more!

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